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About Course

Core PHP is very basic PHP. It is used to create dynamic web pages. It works without any extra library. ... So it is very important to learn core or principle PHP programming to create dynamic web applications. You can see more about PHP from the official site of PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP is a well-liked server-side scripting language for the web. usually speaking, PHP is used to add a functionality to websites that HTML alone can't reach.


Course Highlights


  •  Exclusive access to Onlinevarsity - A collaborative cloud-based learning platform
  •  Trained & certified faculty to teach you
  •  Assignment-based learning
  •  Course delivery pattern - You can select the fast track mode or the normal track mode, depending on your time and convenience
  •  Practical sessions


Course Duration: 60 Days


Course Fee: INR 6000/-


Course Syllabus


Introduction to Web Technology, HTML, Basic Tags, CSS, Table and Forms.

Introduction to JavaScript, Variables, Operators, Data Type Conversions, functions, Control Structure, Date Time functions and Form Manipulation.

MYSQL – Intro to DB, Data Types, DML, DDL, Aggregate funct., Data Time functions, Stored Procedure, Sub query & join.

PHP-Introduction to PHP, History, Web Browser, Web Server, WAMP, Installation and Configuration files. Syntax, Operators, Variables, Constants, Control, Structure, Language construct and functions.

Function – Syntax, Arguments, Variables, References, Returns and Variable Scope.

Arrays-Enumerated Arrays, Associative array, array iteration, Multi dimensional array, Array function & SPL. Date & Time functions

OOP's – Instantiation, Modifiers, Inheritance, Interfaces, Exceptions, Static Methods & Properties, Auto load, Reflection, Type Hinting & Class Constance.

String and Patterns- Quoting, Matching, Extracting, Searching, Replacing & Formatting.

Web Features- Sessions, Forms, GET and POST data, Cookies, HTTP Headers.

Database Programming, Streams & Network Programming

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